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DON'T do it Afraid [fear sucks]

January 23, 2019



Sometimes we allow a thing to continue simply because no one has ever told us...it doesn’t have to. 


A new life began for me the day I discovered something I’d been allowing didn’t- in fact- have to be there. Every voice leading up to this point had branded my mind with this "fact of life."






Humanly exusable.


Until one day someone audaciously informed me...it wasn’t:


Complete- not momentary- freedom was possible.


Complete freedom from what?




What if it was possible to live above fear? 


I believe the saying “do it afraid” isn’t a call to courage, it's aquiessence to an inferior approach.


“It’s okay to be afraid.” 


“Everyone feels fear.” 


“The important thing is pushing through despite what you feel.”


That all soundsreally good. But it conflicts with one large thing I believe in:




If He died to give us complete freedom...how did Fear dodge that blood-oath arrangement? How did he slip the noose Christ’s death demanded of every other curse the enemy inflicted?


Now, I would like to clarify that I believe there are different types of “fear” that all get clumped into one word. Kind of like how Greek has several words for Love that the English language uses one term for. We are all aware of many types of "love":


Love in friendship.


Love of a long-term commitment.


Romantic love. Etc.


I’d like to propose there are different types of "fear" as well. Three that I’ve classified personally.


First, there is actually a good “fear.” We’ll call it Physical Fear.


This Fear is feeling of abrupt tension and adrenalin when your body senses danger. This is a necessary thing God built into our senses so we’d get the message loud and clear:


“Run away!”


“Dodge that car!”


“Punch that clown!” (Just kidding)


God built this negative feeling into us so we would avoid things that could harm us. This type of "fear" is okay; it serves a good purpose. 


The second type of fear is what I like to call External Fear. It’s coming from outside of us as an external attack. The dark lord (as I like to call satan, in my fantasy-esque imagination) can send feelings of fear to try to confuse and intimidate us.


I’m sure we’ve all had instances in our lives where we’ve walked into a situation, a room, a conversation, that normally wouldn’t phase us, but that suddenly feels like talons in our chest- boa-constrictors on our lungs.


This is an external, spiritual attack. 


The third type of fear is the one I’m really ticked about. It’s the type that gets heaped in with the other two, enslaves us, and that we actually have control over.


I’ll call it Internal Fear: or, belief-linked fear.


This fear is directly related to what we believe or do not believe about our God.


When our rent is due we think our fear is from what we believe about ourselves: wewere unable to work hard enough or save smart enough.




The REAL belief behind the fear is: My Father is not kind enough, forgiving enough, wealthy enough, or aware enough to take care of this big need in my life. Another way of putting it: My Father is absent-minded, neglectful, or demands perfection before He’ll provide for me.


When we are asked to step on stage to give a last-minute important speech, we think the fear we feel is tied to the idea that wemay fail, or that wedidn’t get the chance to practice.




The REAL belief enabling this fear: My Father has asked me to do something that He will not also empower me to accomplish. 

Even the fear of not knowing what our next step should be isn't based on our lack of knowledge, it's the belief that God wasn't telling the truth when He said "Hey, ask for wisdom and I'll give it to you!" [James 1:5] [And I often like to add for myself... "And if you ask and I'm silent for awhile, it's intentional and you don't NEED that info right now! This is your free pass to Daddy-Daughter time!"]


After my mentor suggested it was possible to live without (Internal) Fear, I started to notice and asses every worry that shook me up. Sure enough, at the root of every worry was something I was believing incorrectly about God. 


Once I identified the lie, it was impossible for me to look my Father in the eyes and say, “Yeah, I really believe You’d neglect me,” Or “Demand perfection of me.” or...(fill in the lie blank.)


In the end, fear didn’t die because I set out to fix myself.


Or from telling myself “don’t be afraid.”


Or from making sure my emergency fund was full.


Or from repeating the verse “be strong and courageous” link a mantra.


Or from singing worship songs before entering any tough situation. 


Fear died the day I saw my Father accurately.


It just didn’t make sense anymore. Internal Fears - AKA Lies Against God’s Nature - are simply illogical to me now.


After this, I was able to seperate and identify the other two fears.


When it looks like a car is about to crash into me, I feel my Physical Fear kicking in. It's fine.


When I sense an External attack- not a lie I'm believing- I may feel it, but I don't claim it. I simply smile with smug confidence because my Father says anything that fiercely assails me will FALL because of me [Isaiah 54:15]. I refuse to let an External attack become an Internal belief that my Dad hasn’t empowered me to defeat it.


Satan attacks at his own risk. It'll pass. 


The minute I claim the fear as part of me is the minute satan heaps shame on too. Aint nobody got time (or energy!) for that!


Bottom line:

Physical & External Fear have no real or lasting power unless they succeed in initiating Internal Fear. That's where the real bondage lies.


And Internal Fear can be vanquished. 


It’s possible.


To say belief-tied fears can’t be conquered once and for all is saying Christ’s death and the Holy’s Spirit’s power just aren’t enough. 


I disagree.


But Internal Fear doesn’t die from effort.


It dies from an accurate perspective of Your Father.


Not who other people say He is.


Not how your earthly father- or some other authority figure- behaved or treated you.


Who He actually is. 


So if you wan’t to kick fear in the face for good, I’d start a dialogue with the Spirit. Ask Him to clear away any lies, tints, taints and skews in how you really see Him.


And for the love of God, don’t ever "do it afraid" again.


Do it loved.


Do it empowered.


Do it free!



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