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The Way out of Weakness

February 18, 2019

I’ve found that when I feel incapable or vulnerable, no amount of saying “I can do this! I’m strong!” really does the trick.


Ever been there?


And sometimes the truth is- I AM incapable, but I need to do it anyway.


Yet when I get my mind off me, and trying make myself feel strong...and simply remember how strong and kind HE has always been to me- I’m filled with such....joy.


There’s joy in knowing that if He has asked me to do something- He will equip me for it, whether I can comprehend that now or not! (And if HE hasn’t asked me to do it, I shouldn’t be doing it! AKA...learning to say "no.")


And it is this joy...


the joy of staring straight into His trustworthy character that truly gives me a strength that just doesn’t make sense...


time and time again.


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