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People Can't Cure Your Loneliness

February 25, 2019

We buy into this thought hook line and sinker:


How can someone feel alone if they're surrounded by friends? Adored by followers? Praised by peers?


Yet if we take the time to think about it, we can all think of that time we were at a party or gathering, surrounded by people - even people we'd call friends - yet feeling a gnawing, growing loneliness.


Company in itself doesn't cure loneliness.


It's the right kind of company that does.


Specifically, the best, truest, kindest, most generous companion of all:




I've experienced it for myself:


I have Home wherever I go.


I have Family no matter who leaves.


I have a road trip buddy, a listening heart, a gentle advisor, a jokester to laugh with, and someone who actually enjoys me equally.


I have companionship no matter how invisible, obscure, or unwanted I am to the world.


I am never alone.


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