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Identity Beats Rejection

April 1, 2019

We see it every day:


People climbing a ladder to the top- thinking if they are just accepted by all the right people, they’ll finally beat rejection. Finally feel whole.


But no amount of friend, family, or follower adoration has the ability to bring lasting fulfillment. Just look at all the stars that turn to drugs or suicide- because when they finally reached "the top," and there was nowhere left to climb, they were hit with the sobering revelation that they still felt...




When the climb is over...where else is there to go?


What more is there to reach for?


Countless people spend their lives sacrificing piece after piece of their identity and personality to climb that ladder, only to get to the top and not even recognize themselves anymore. They’ve become what all the “experts” say would get them to the top- but no earthly expert told them the top of human acceptance would never fill that void at all.


No. The truth is, you can actually have fullness even at the very bottom of the ladder.


Because rejection isn’t killed by the climb, it’s killed by the foundation.


The foundation of identity that we are made in the image of God.


We can have peace and fullness whether or not we have the acceptance of family, friends, or followers.




Because our very DNA tells us we are pre-accepted by the King of the Universe.


The best and truest identity is that we are His sons and daughters...what human acceptance can hold a candle to that? 


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