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Love Beats Fear

April 8, 2019



“The opposite of fear is courage. “


It’s true in a sense.


But it leaves us blind to the Source of that courage...and in that blindness we scramble for courage from within ourselves.


This never works.


Simply telling ourselves to buck up and be brave means we’re expecting ourselves to be enough.


When have we ever been enough?


But there is one who IS enough. And He’s not floating high in the sky casually viewing humanity and intervening only if we’re about to royally screw things up. No, He walks intimately with each of us, moment by moment. It’s His love - not anything in ourselves - that is stable, durable, unshakeable, unchangeable, and infinitely powerful.


It’s the assurance of that Love backing us up that is the true source of courage, and therefore the true nemesis of fear.


If you need courage in your life, ask God for a fresh perspective of His love for you.


You’re a legend in the making, and His love will be the power that fuels your adventure.

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