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An Insult to Power & Goodness

April 15, 2019



Sometimes - after God blows my mind with yet another revelation of how I've been living way more limited than He ever intended -I slip comfortably into candid conversations with Him about it.


This happened to me just the other day when He showed me that limiting my requests to small, doable tasks was actually belittling His power and love for me.


The conversation that followed went something like this:


“Okay Dad. So, I’ve seen what You’ve done for the other guy - my friends who've received crazy blessings and favor - and I’ve seen how You feel about me.


You’re the best at what You do and You love the biggest.


So, there, I did it: I asked for the biggest things I can currently imagine.


And You said in Ephesians 3:20 You can do more than that.


So....You do realize that You just locked Yourself into an ongoing timeline of topping my requests right?"


"I Am. I am aware."


"Hahahaha. Good. Looking forward to it!” 

God dazzles us with Holy moments that we should hold in awe and reverence, and I hope I never forget that. But I also love when He comes to us with everyday conversations, snarky humor, and the comfortable love of a best friend. 


He's just the best.


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