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Inside The Margin

April 22, 2019


There’s a margin of time when the grace for the last season is wearing thin, and the next season hasn’t quite arrived.


It’s in the margin that all the old “bullies” come back in full force, trying to make you give up.

It’s in the margin that the enemy taunts “See, it was all for nothing,” haunting you with memories of the disappointments and wounds of the past.


It's in the margin that your feet feel too heavy, your lungs burn like fire, and you feel every blister you built from an unrelenting stride through the wilderness.


It's in the margin that time itself feels like the biggest foe.


Time you feel you've lost.


Time that felt wasted.


Time ahead you that feels so...so much shorter than when you first started the journey with eyes full of dreams.


But don't lose heart.


Because it's in the margin, that the Father stands behind home plate, eyes locked on yours, whispering “Come on love, just five more steps.”


It's in the margin He's sending a team of reinforcements to battle all the extra bullies that want to trip you before you can cross that finish line.


It's in the margin that every burning muscle is actually singing in triumph, "We've won! We've won! This burning is proof we're almost there!"


Refuse to listen to the bullies. Hard seasons come to everyone, but we were never meant to remain in the wilderness.


The wilderness and the margin will. not. last.


All your "let-downs" are actually landing-strips for God’s coming breakthrough.


Embrace the margin- It's the home-stretch!


Keep your eyes on your Fathers eyes!


Keep your heart near His heart!


He's so proud of you beloved!


You're almost there!


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