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Heavenly Entitlement

May 6, 2019


The word “entitled” usually has a bad connotation.


It instantly conjures images of greedy kids who expect everything to come to them instantly on a silver platter.


Of course we don’t want to be like this, so Religion- in its craftiness- shoves us out of balance to the other extreme:


“I don’t deserve anything but a meager amount earned from the hard toil of my own hands.”


It sounds good and holy. Selfless. Diligent even.


But when dissected, does this mentality align with Truth?


The truth is we have the DNA of the God of the Universe, the supreme King.


The truth is, we share an inheritance with His Son Jesus Christ.


The truth is, we are called to humbly obey His good commands, but we also have a lot coming to us that could never be a result of our obedience or toil.


The very definition of inheritance is that it’s something we didn’t earn- it comes to us freely by right because of someone else’s decision.


In other words, we’re entitled to it.


Not because our Father handed us His credit card so we wouldn’t interrupt Him in His more important tasks...but because we said yes to a deep, consistent connection to His heart. What He wants most.


Earthly entitlement comes without relationship and breeds greed.


Heavenly entitlement comes with relationship and breeds confidence.


And that confidence isn’t in the coins we’ve counted in our Father’s storehouse (though there’s plenty.) Our confidence comes from the every loving word, thought, action, and expression we’ve counted from our Father.


Yes because of my Dad’s insanely good heart, I’m entitled to wealth, favor, health, and power beyond my wildest dreams.


I'm an entitled heir, and I'm humbled by such love.


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