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Living in Legends

April 29, 2019


The Israelites were at the foot of a mountain where they had literally just experienced the visible presence of God, but while Moses was up top getting the download, they grew ...impatient.


Looking around at their neighbors they saw them in religious activity so opposite of waiting on God, and started thinking..


“why is activity happening for them and not me?


Maybe I’m doing something wrong.


Maybe I should be doing something more, instead of just waiting around.”


Next thing you know, there was a useless and costly golden calf.


But how often have I had an amazing experience with God...then a few days go by where I don’t see any activity or get any directives, and take my eyes off God and put it on my “neighbors.” I see people with stuff going on, and wonder what’s wrong with me.


The same doubts start creeping in because - deep down - I delight more in activity and visible progress than the presence of God.


God loves creating beautiful things in our lives, so let’s bank on that, even in the silence.


Let’s adore His presence and the beauty of His character, even in the waiting.


If we do, and we resist impatience, doubt, and taking things into our own hands, we’ll live to see the magic He‘s known for;


 We’ll live in the midst of the legends He writes.


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