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Own Your Season

May 13, 2019


Sometimes we read a Biblical record and claim that particular circumstance for ourselves, forgetting that our ancestors didn’t live only in that moment:


they went through their own journey through “mountains and valleys.”


Yes Joshua went on an unstoppable victory rampage, but don’t get it twisted- before that came a season in the wilderness.


What you do in the wilderness will determine whether you’ll have the character and perspective to step into your own victory lap.


Joshua didn’t spend 40 years in the wilderness helping the time pass by eating manna-bonbons and watching Netflix. It clearly says even when Moses left God’s tent Joshua often stayed behind, soaking up every moment he could with Israel’s King. It was his intentional and habitual devotion to God’s character and presence that imbedded that same character inside him, giving him the otherworldly ability to lead a conquest with absolute confidence in complete victory.


If you’re in the hidden wilderness season, don’t endure it- savor it!


It’s in the lack of commotion that you have the beautiful opportunity to learn every line, and spark and color of God’s good heart!


And when He then leads you into the season of conquest for your dreams, own that too!


Don’t look back to the wilderness with doubt, wondering if it’s really okay for you to believe for so much victory when you just spent so much time in obscurity.


Don't look at where other people are in their journey and try to make their season your own.


Let the Spirit inform you of the season you’re in, and own it.


Drink every last drop of magic out of THIS season.


Anything less is merely existing, and we weren’t made for that.



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