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A Cursed Mentality

May 20, 2019


It is a cursed mentality:


I must work to provide for my needs.


It came when Adam and Eve sinned, and that sin brought the curse of labor. After that day work became a means to the end of their own provision.


But that wasn’t the original intent, nor is it how we get to operate under the new covenant that Jesus bought for us.


Since Jesus, we get to go back before that fateful day. To the original intent for work. To the moment a loving Father generously placed His kids in a luxurious space, already full of all the provision they could ever need.


They had absolutely no need to provide for themselves, so work was simply a way to enjoy more time with their Father through partnership.


And that’s what we get to live in today!


I reject the cursed mentality that says my provision is tied to my own effort.


My provision is tied to His good heart, and nothing else.


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