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May 27, 2019


The Poverty and Religious mentality operate from the word "if."


IF I am a responsible and good person, God will be pleased with me.


IF I work really hard, I will have the provision I need.


IF I don't spend or give away much money, I'll have enough for tomorrow.


IF I make all the right decisions, God will bless me.


IF I don't do bad things, I'll get into heaven.


But the mentality of Heir and Intimacy operate out of the word "already."


Because God is ALREADY pleased with me, I get to become more and more like Him!


Because I ALREADY live on His estate, I will have all the provision I need.


Because He ALREADY has provided for me today, I can enjoy life and be generous to others.


Because He has ALREADY blessed me, He will help me make better and better decisions.


Because He ALREADY paid the price, I get to be with Him forever (starting now.)


Interestingly, in the grammar world, the word "if" is a preposition. This implies a PRE-position.


But, we are already positioned.


"Already," is an adverb, and adverbs imply an action has already taken place; no ifs about it.


Let's use this filter every day!


Let's refuse to focus on our own efforts, bombarded endlessly by "ifs."


Let's instead focus on His effort and good heart, which empowers us to live daily in the Already I AM.


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